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IQ-Environmental Will Provide You With A Custom - Client Driven Regulated Waste Solution
That combine transport services, processing & final disposal

  • IQ-Environmental Provides For A Safer Healthcare Environment
  • 50 Years Of Combined Experience Servicing RMW Solutions
  • Using Innovative Technology & Services For Processing RMW



Preferred Disposal Technology - Minimal Environmental Impact
Sustainable & Compliant Long-Term Solutions

  • Relentless & Unwavering Commitment For Expert Environmental Solutions
  • Sustainable Strategies - Proven Track Record - Exceptional Value 
  • Increase Awareness - Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - Improve Environmental Safety




Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Solutions

  • Navigate Compliance & Risk Mitigation
  • Smart Expert RMW Solutions
  • Cost Reduction With Economies Of Scale
  • Value Added RMW Consulting Services


Multiple Disciplines - Expert Waste Stream Solutions

  • Full-Service Medical Waste Management
  • 3rd Party Transporter & Waste Transfer Solutions
  • Emergency Back-Up RMW Processing
  • Pharmacuetical - Trace Chemotherapy - Pathological Waste

IQ-Environmental, LLC
Lumberton, North Carolina
USA +1 (844) 293-3633
North America

Regulated Waste Disposal

East Coast Services
-North Carolina
-South Carolina
-Washington DC
-New Jersey
-New York
-West Virginia

 Regulated Medical Waste Services 

Regulated Medical Waste Solutions
For Every Application - Compliant -  Affordable - Tailored For Your Specific Needs

As a leading provider of (RMW) Regulated Medical Waste disposal, processing and management. Protecting our clients the public and the environment from the risks associated with RMW is what we do everyday. Thousands of customers and third party transporters entrust IQE to manage their biohazard waste management. We will deliver a focused, customer centric approach that includes a thorough analysis of your individual healthcare waste requirements. We handle all aspects of RMW from proper packaging at your facility, compliance, transportation, processing, treating and final disposal. 

The IQE (Cradle To Grave Regulated Waste Solutions) are superior and unparalleled from our competitors. From the time we collect your RMW or receive for transfer, through the end process at our permitted facility – your liability is reduced at every step and virtually eliminated. Our expert team will always provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solutions and on-site services available while never sacrificing on our commitment to the success of your business or the environment.

IQ-Environmental operates a North Carolina full service commercially permitted Regulated Medical Waste Processing, disposal and transfer facility. With over 60,000 square feet available for operations and room for expansion, IQE is one of the largest facilities of its kind on the East Coast. Using innovative, cutting edge technology combined with our state of the art equipment our process and facility have been designed for and is directly dedicated for one purpose. Working with and processing Biohazard Regulated Medical Waste on an accelerated commercial platform. We Excel in the handling of RMW, environmental compliance, efficiency and effective long-term solutions for all our clients.


Services Provided:

  • Full service (Cradle To Grave) Regulated Medical Waste processing and disposal, for a variety of Healthcare facilities of all sizes
  • Regulated Medical Waste  storage, staging and transfer capabilities for (RMW) to other facilities for waste consolidation, processing and disposal
  • 3rd party waste transfer, consolidation, processing and final disposal
  • Emergency stand-by and overflow waste processing for other facilities and hospitals
  • Medical waste handling supplies, solutions and other products
  • Consulting for Healthcare providers on (RMW)
  • Commercial waste disposal service, recycling, compacter roll-off service and more




Providing the Most Economical & Compliant Medical Waste Services On The East Coast
For more information on our Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Solutions contact an IQE representative

About: IQ-Environmental

Regulated Clinical Waste

  • Handling
  • Transportation
  • Treatment
  • Disposal
  • Consulting
Contact: IQ-Environmental, LLC
IQ-Environmental, LLC
North America
Lumberton, NC
USA +1 (844) 293-3633


IQ-Environmental, LLC
 USA - North Carolina

Regulated Medical Waste - Management - Transportation - Processing - Disposal
IQ-Environmental Offers Expert Solutions For Health-Care Waste Disposal - Handling Facilities Of Any Size - IQE Has Compliant & Affordable Medical Waste Disposal Options For All Biohazard Waste Streams


North Carolina - South Carolina - Florida - Georgia - Virginia - Washington DC - Maryland - West Virginia - Ohio - New Jersey - Delaware - New York - Pennsylvania